Monday, October 17, 2011

Body Orthodoxy: a Sensual Education :: Thursday, Oct 27th, 8pm :: Heather Marie Stringer

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“There is nothing in all the world more beautiful or significant of the laws of the universe than the nude human body. In fact it is not only among the artists but among all people that a greater appreciation and respect for the human body should develop. When we respect the nude we will no longer have any shame about it.”   -Robert Henri, The Art Spirit .

Historically, ecclesial communities have struggled, if not ignored, engaging the physical body as it pertains to sexuality and gender; eros and violence; body image and sensuality with honesty, reverence, kindness and courage. Many times an ascetic approach is employed in which power and control are exerted as the means to the end—serving as one of the primary gages of an obedient, godly life. On the contrary, American culture provides a very underdeveloped sexuality and body-ing that possesses its own brand of asceticism as well as misuse and exploitation—whether it be, for example, encouraging eating disorders, loss of gender identity or mindless sexual activity. Moreover, we need open and safe dialogues about our bodies and what they have suffered as well as generating reverence to them as intelligent, languaged, and complex beings.

 Join us this coming Thursday, October 27th at In The Red, 8pm. Heather Marie Stringer, performance artist and therapist, will lead us into this fascinating conversation, which is made is in light of an upcoming art exhibit in December. Heather Marie Stringer is one of the most fresh and powerful emergent voices in our local theology. You can read her blog here:

See you Thursday!

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