Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Our Story, Too" | April 28th | 7pm

Our first Venus Hill gathering is scheduled for April 28th of 2011 at 7pm at Chocolati in Wallingford.

Renee Notkin, pastor of Union Church in Seattle, will be leading us in a conversation about how we perceive scripture and what has influenced us to see them in this way. When scripture is viewed as a piece of work that limits the role of women, stops their voices and even supports oppression, what interpretations have led to these views? Is it possible that we can reclaim the lasting truth of Genesis 1 which affirms that female and male reflect the image of God?

Renee will lead us through passages in the Bible that remarkably and powerfully affirm that the female voice is necessary and loved by our Creator. And, when the female voice is authentically freed to speak, we have a voice that is meant to speak words of hope and freedom and reconciliation for all.

How do we help one another find our God created voices, especially when they have been stifled?

Join us at the loft in Chocolati in Wallingford.

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