Wednesday, January 11, 2012

To Save Souls and Feed the Hungry: The Not-So-Well-Known History of Women Evangelists in the US, With Priscilla Pope-Levison | Wednesday January 26th, 8pm

At the turn of the 20th century, women had a crucial role in bringing about the gospel in the US. Women like Sojourner Truth, Phoebe Palmer and others, greatly contributed to the rise of the Church in North America.

In addition to proclaiming the 'good news,' these women built  institutions, like rescue homes & missions, churches & denominations, religious training schools, etc. 
Unfortunately, the captivating stories of these fascinating women has been absent from the history of American Evangelicalism.

Dr. Priscilla Pope-Levison has rescued their stories from dusty shelves and brought them to us in her book "Turn the Pulpit Loose: Two Centuries of American Women Evangelists." You can find more information on her book here. She will be sharing with us and leading a conversation around the inspiring lives and works of these women. 
As usual, we will meet at In The Red in Phinney Ridge. Wednesday, January 25th at 8pm. See you then!